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Analytics for Status

Charts, scripts, links and sheets to calculate important metrics.

User Analytics

App Downloads

App download numbers are retrieved from the Status Appfigures account, which in turn is pulled from the Status Android Play Store account. Currently numbers are Android only, but iOS will be available after the App Store launch.

Net New Installs

New downloads minus uninstalls.

Weekly New New Installs (Appfigures) Daily Net New Installs (Appfigures)

New downloads

Weekly Downloads (Appfigures) Daily Downloads (Appfigures)

App Updates

Weekly Updates (Appfigures) Daily Updates (Appfigures)


Message status are calculated by looking at message counts and unique addresses counts participating in a handful of public chats (see channels that are covered).

Daily Whisper Messages (Prometheus) Hourly Whisper Messages (Prometheus) Daily Whisper Users (Prometheus)

ENS registrations

Coming soon

Other Analytics

Currently semi-manual and relying on Google Docs. At some point this will be scripted up and produced for general consumption. Only measures commits for status-react and some comparative-ish projects.

Why measure? See Android app example usage for impact, as well as organizational design. For further information, see FB Growth video linked below.

Crypto OSS

Monthly Active Contributors Crypto OSS

Monthly Active Contributors Crypto OSS Absolute Recent


Monthly Active Contributors Big OSS (Log Scale) Monthly Active Contributors Big OSS (No Linux)


Android app usage

Status User Retention

Monthly Active Contributors

Monthly Contributor Retention Rate


sudo apt-get install python-pip sudo pip install python-dateutil

TODO: -1 vs -2 trailing /

TODO: Should just work in dir and go everywhere there

./ ~/git-analytics/crypto/bitcoin/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/ccxt/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/go-ethereum/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/litecoin/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/lnd/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/mist/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/parity/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/solidity/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/status-react/ ~/git-analytics/crypto/web3.js/ > crypto-mac.csv

scp blue:~/git-analytics/crypto/crypto-mac.csv . cat foo.csv | pbcopy


Crypto OSS

[email protected]:~/git-analytics$ cat crypto-list.txt


Selection of that seems to be real projects (not just random docs) and have lots of contributors. Based on first two pages quick scanning:

Also using:

TODO: Easy -24m do TODO Manually clone: random:

for i in $(cat list.txt); do git clone $i; done